our favorites

T3 Micro

Single Pass 1.25" Curling iron

Our favorite curling iron!

T3 Micro featherweight luxe dryer

Our favorite dryer for personal, at-home styling

Kristin Ess compact pro dryer

Our favorite dryer for jet-setting - comes with it's own travel pouch!

Krest pro

tangle tamer comb

A must-have for combing your extensions in the shower

babyliss pro

nano titanium 1.25" curling iron

Another favorite lightweight curling iron!

Sam villa signature series texturizing iron

Erin's favorite tool for creating texture, volume, and lift off the scalp!


hair-drying scrunchies

These microfiber towel scrunchies are a game-changer for your extensions!


hair-drying turban

This microfiber towel turban is a must-have for your extensions!

Blom original wide turban headband

One of our favorite accessories!

The Flex Brush Petite boar/nylon bristle brush

Perfect for softening and fluffing out your waves 

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